Rachel Cline: My Liar

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My Liar

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What it's about: Annabeth Jensen, a young film editor from the Midwest, hitches her star to the career of Laura Katz, an alluring, maddeningly self-assured director. During the making of Trouble Doll, Laura's film, the two women struggle with themselves, each other, and the men in their lives. Close attention is paid to the process of film editing, the perfidy of the entertainment business in all its guises, and the mystery of family.

Beautifully observed and genre-breaking, an LA novel that is not noirish,
just bravely black.— Deborah Solomon

My Liar Press

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  • My Liar Blurbs

      “A seductive charmer of a novel–funny, knowing, poignant, inclusively hip and gratifylingly adult at the same time. It is impossible not to be drawn in immediately by the various dramas at the book's center, including the main character's adolescent crush of a friendship with the glamorous and tough-as-nails director she works for. This is one of the most enjoyable novels I've read in an age.”
      Daphne Merkin, author of Enchantment

      “Looking with an outsider's fresh eye on that elusive place where Hollywood and Los Angeles–dreams and reality–intersect, Rachel Cline gives us an entirely new story of female friendships and careers in the movie business. This books shines as an architectural, literary, and cinematic discovery. ”
      Carolyn See, author of There Will Never Be Another You

      “A rueful tale of complicated people in a complicated city. ClineŐs characters are wonderfully real, and through them she makes a case for kindness, self-forgiveness, and artistic integrity. That would be impressive enough, but the book contains a secret treat: its gorgeous and precise descriptions of Los Angeles make the city itself seem like a living being. A terrific read. I finished it in one day, and I had other things to do.”
      Martha Moody, author of Best Friends and The Office of Desire

      “Funny and tragic, satiric and deeply sympathetic, often in the same breath. With assured and compelling insight into the world of filmmaking–and into the fickleness of the human heart–Cline has written a beautifully balanced work, at once deftly entertaining and deeply felt..”
      Katharine Noel, author of Halfway House