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Rachel Cline

Rachel Cline is a native of Brooklyn, New York, where she currently lives. She has been a film and television writer (and production aide, and one-line actress), a content strategist, and, since 2009, a civil servant. Her second novel, My Liar, was published in 2008 by Random House.

Long bio: cherchez la mom


Like any daughter with a story to tell, I have a mother who looms large. For the first four years of my life, I was her greatest achievement. Then my brother was born, and then there was her book – which soon eclipsed us both. That book, a layperson’s history of the birth of theoretical physics, was the product of many years of loud typing behind the bedroom door. Its actual subject matter was beyond me, but by the age of seven I understood that my mother felt about Niels Bohr more or less the way I felt about John Lennon… (more)